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Kustomtype is an independent type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by Coert De Decker Type Designer & Graphic Artist. Kustomtype Fonts are designed for logotype, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage & design projects with a retro & vintage feel!

Each typeface in the Kustomtype Fonts Section shows a PDF specimen of the type family.

In 1983, comparatively speaking long before the computer era, I started my professional graphic design career as type cutter & stone carver assistant, which was manual business at that time.So I got in touch at an early age with all aspects of the entire creative typeface and graphic design spectrum, getting more and more passionately fond of it. Before that, at the age of 14 already, I started creating hand-drawn posters, flyers for gigs & parties, etc... especially for the rock or alternative music scene, a perfect and open-minded ambiance for developing one's sense of style and creativity - sometimes I still think back about these good old stressless days.

After several years of self-study I started my own company 'Artwerk' and set up Kustomtype as a very significant part of it. Kustomtype is a small type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by myself.

Thanks for showing interest in my professional typeface design.
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That is what each company or organisation needs to distinguish and manifest itself. Graphic design is supposed to give sparks and KUSTOMTYPE can do this for you.

Courses & Colleges

Foundations Of Typography (docent Antoon De Vylder)
Script As The Basis For Fonts (docent Frank E. Blokland)
History Of The Font (docent John A. Lane)
Topical Fonts (docent Jan Middendorp)
Digital Type Design (docent Frank E. Blokland)
Research project on Mongolian typography (docent Jo De Baerdemaeker)
Trajan in Movie Posters (By Yves Peters)
About Typography (By René Knip)
Disharmony Is The Basis (By Peter Verheul)
Fonts For The Dutch Government (Studio Dunbar)
A Loud-Mouthed Belgian With Two Blogs (Yves Peters)
Open Type And Multilingual Typography (Jo De Baerdemaeker)
Brill Type (By Pim Rietbroek)
Looking, Understanding And Getting Convinced (Jos van den Broek)
Graphic novels (Geert De Weyer)


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