The Mars Model – Primal Urge (Vinyl)

Primal Urge – New Album Out Now! Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Bands who do their own thing, their own way and cherish their identity, makes them one of a kind. The Mars Model is such a band. They don’t care what happens around them musically, but make songs their way and finish […]

Old Belgian Movie Posters

Old Belgian movie posters are a fascinating and collectible part of the history of cinema. Movie posters have been used to promote films since the early days of the film industry, and Belgian posters are known for their distinctive style and design. One of the key characteristics of old Belgian movie posters is their use […]

My love for wooden letters and fonts

In the early beginning of the 19th century, there were different breakthroughs in the printing technology which transformed printing forms of handwritten script styles to industrial, hard letter blocks.  For over a century, designers and printers created magnificent letters for mass consumption. They offered a wide variety of gothic, antique and plate fonds which were […]

Deaffont the Deafcon Font

Deafcon New Album - Heavy metal Font

Deaffont is an experimental font specially designed for a music video and album concept by the metal band Deafcon. The font is entirely hand-drawn and digitized. It means that Deaffont is a very user-friendly, complete and modern font, which you can use for all your graphic applications. Deaffont is a subculture font that blows you […]