New Definitivos Album – Scars and Decay

DEFINITIVOS – Scars and Decay The Press About The New Definitivos Album

The Press About The New Definitivos Album Graphic designer makes it to international expo with record cover for the Definitivos:“My work between David Bowie and The Rolling Stones . . . blissful is that.” OTEGEM/KORTRIJK Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, The Beatles and . . . Definitivos. Clearly, the Kortrijk punk pride is in good company […]

Luckystrikes – Font Release

The History of the ‘Luckystrikes’ campaigns The Lucky Strike cigarette brand is known for its iconic and influential advertising campaigns, which played a significant role in the company’s success in the mid-20th century. Lucky Strike was one of the leading cigarette brands in the United States during this period, and its advertising was widely recognized […]