Labyrinth Exhibition Bruxelles

Labyrinth Expo

Kustomtype was asked to participate in this expo by The Seed Factory Whatever the angle from which we observe the world, whether human or technological, the path to our understanding is a labyrinth. Until recently, the world was neither better nor worse; it was simple. Today, now that we have half-opened the door of complexity, […]

The Mars Model – Primal Urge (Vinyl)

Primal Urge – New Album Out Now! Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Bands who do their own thing, their own way and cherish their identity, makes them one of a kind. The Mars Model is such a band. They don’t care what happens around them musically, but make songs their way and finish […]

The Mars Model

EP Franco Belga Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Press: The Mars Model was founded at the beginning of 2019 by some individuals who have a musical past in a variety of styles—for instance, singer Hans Verbeke, who we already know from his work in the Belgian/West-Flemish hardcore scene with his band Liar. But […]

Unwanted Tattoo – EP (Vinyl) 

Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Pardon My French – New Album This LP is a real gem, both (only 250) in terms of music and artwork by Kustomtype. From the start, it was already a collector’s item. The entire concept for letters and drawings is by Kustomtype. Pardon My French basically means, “don’t […]

America Line – Font Release

Since its foundation in 1901, the iconic Kop van Zuid building in the Rotterdam neighborhood has been shining. Where previously the Holland America Line was housed, you will now find Hotel New York, a building with a tremendous history. We’re glad to take you back in time with captivating memories. In 1991, catering entrepreneurs Daan […]

Old Belgian Movie Posters

Old Belgian movie posters are a fascinating and collectible part of the history of cinema. Movie posters have been used to promote films since the early days of the film industry, and Belgian posters are known for their distinctive style and design. One of the key characteristics of old Belgian movie posters is their use […]

From Cape Town to Kustomtype


Unbelievable but true… From Cape Town to Kustomtype Studio… and back! It’s an incredible story… At work met Pascal Lon! I lived in the Republic of South Africa and own a trademark, for which I designed the logo and I decided to convert it into a computer font, but I did not know how to […]