New Definitivos Album – Scars and Decay

DEFINITIVOS – Scars and Decay The Press About The New Definitivos Album

The Press About The New Definitivos Album Graphic designer makes it to international expo with record cover for the Definitivos:“My work between David Bowie and The Rolling Stones . . . blissful is that.” OTEGEM/KORTRIJK Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, The Beatles and . . . Definitivos. Clearly, the Kortrijk punk pride is in good company […]

The Mars Model

EP Franco Belga Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Press: The Mars Model was founded at the beginning of 2019 by some individuals who have a musical past in a variety of styles—for instance, singer Hans Verbeke, who we already know from his work in the Belgian/West-Flemish hardcore scene with his band Liar. But […]

Unwanted Tattoo – EP (Vinyl) 

Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype Pardon My French – New Album This LP is a real gem, both (only 250) in terms of music and artwork by Kustomtype. From the start, it was already a collector’s item. The entire concept for letters and drawings is by Kustomtype. Pardon My French basically means, “don’t […]

Page Magazine

Interview • Is there a special style or approach to design type recipe to create (bilingual) typography in Belgium?Yes. The Dutch-speaking designers in the Flemish part of the country use typography as imagery, or a way of creative expression, whereas in the South, Wallonia, typography is mainly used for printing text. Dutch-speaking designers lean more […]

LOT 33 Lettering

Cover lettering by Kustomtype About Helene Smit and LOT 33 How my life changed when an old, dusty desk in my attic turned out to be an original Pierre Chareau desk. Within one week, the international world of art was standing upside down. Pierre Chareau was one of the most imported art-deco designers in France. […]

Kustomtype Voka Interview

Kustomtype, based in the Flemish town of Otegem, is a font-design studio Letter art in the digital age You come across start-ups in many industries, but we hadn’t heard of an independent type designer yet. Coert De Decker, a resident of the Flemish town of Otegem, is one of the very few in Belgium. In […]

From Cape Town to Kustomtype


Unbelievable but true… From Cape Town to Kustomtype Studio… and back! It’s an incredible story… At work met Pascal Lon! I lived in the Republic of South Africa and own a trademark, for which I designed the logo and I decided to convert it into a computer font, but I did not know how to […]