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Helene Smit

LOT 33

What would you do when you discover that the old desk in the attic is worth a lot of money? Helene Smit's life suddenly changed when Sotheby’s auction house wanted to sell it for a truly staggering amount. But that is only possible if it is not art stolen by the Nazis during WWII. During a blood-curdling search, the writer discovered the desk has brought many people both happiness and misfortune. Her own daughter, Fréderique, in the meantime, becomes quieter and quieter. She doesn't want the desk to be sold, but why is that? Can such an inanimate object be proof that there is more between heaven and Earth? Can a desk change life fundamentally? The sober Helene is completely stunned by what she discovers next.
Helene Smit (1964) is a lawyer and mediator. In 2015 she found an exceptional desk in her attic. In her debut novel, she tells her disconcerting story in a masterful and compelling way. Later, the desk was auctioned by the famous Sotheby’s auction house in Paris.

How a desk rearranged life completely

Quote from Helene Smit:
“I think it was really great that you reacted the way you did, and I hope that my book will also contribute to your success. Your font makes it so beautiful and certainly completes the whole. It fits so well with the art discovery the story is about. (desk from the 1920s, discovered in my attic of a 1930s building). More I can't reveal. It is an extremely exciting story, in which I will, on my classic Triumph Bonneville ’78 by the way, investigate the origin of this desk (in Scotland).”

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