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Brand Design :: Kustomtype

'Brouwerij De Ranke' visited Kustomtype for their website, branding and advertisements.
In the meantime, there are already many projects, Years and Beers later, so an overview page could not be missed.

Kustomtype was already responsible for:

●    Website
●    Logo
●    Branding
●    Glasses
●    Vector work
●    Advertisements
●    Banners
●    Signboards

The philosophy of Brouwerij De Ranke?
Why start a new brewery in a country like Belgium where there are so many breweries already?
In the early 1980s we were as concerned as beer lovers about the disappearance of many small and medium sized breweries. It was those breweries who made beautiful beers.
Moreover, it was disturbing that many excellent bitter beers were sweetened a lot at that time. This happened on the pretext the consumer's taste was sweet and people were no longer used to the bitter flavor profile.
However, the reality was new techniques allowed hop extracts to be used instead of hop flowers. This made production much cheaper. In addition, the industrialized beer world was more and more convinced people could sell the beer to more people if the taste remained neutral (with some extra publicity).
These developments led us to do something ourselves to prove quality can only be guaranteed with the best raw materials and with respect for traditional methods.

Some of our happy clients