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MyFonts The #1 Place to download great @font-face webfonts and desktop fonts
Use the world’s largest collection of fonts to… ORIGINAL FONTS FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS

  • Identify fonts you’ve seen
  • Try fonts before buying
  • Organize fonts you like

More about Myfonts:

MyFonts is located near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Our mission is to make it simple for everyone to find and buy fonts. In pursuit of this mission, MyFonts has pioneered new ways to search for fonts when you don’t have an exact font in mind, including:

  • More Fonts Like This, to find related fonts using a particular font as a starting point
  • WhatTheFont™, for instant automated identification of the font used in a photograph or scan
  • WhatTheFont™ forum, to enlist help from font experts for hard-to-match font samples
  • User-provided tags, harnessing the power of thousands of users to help each other categorize fonts

The concept of MyFonts was born in 1999 when Charles Ying wanted to find a font for a particular project. He was horrified to discover that the only way to find fonts on the web was to know the name of the font you were looking for, or browse a flat alphabetical list.

“Why can’t I just search for wedding fonts?” he asked. “This should be as easy as shopping for shoes! I should be able to point at a font in a magazine and say, ‘Show me fonts like this.’”

Charles reasoned that making it hard to find and buy fonts for the average computer user meant turning away 99.9% of the potential market for fonts. On the other side of the coin, he called for an open marketplace, where fonts from many vendors could compete side-by-side, instead of the more typical single-company walled gardens of the 1980s and ’90s.

Charles personally hired the initial team — most of whom still work for the company today — and commissioned a site design from (now defunct) Calgary-based Fusion Media Group. A year later, MyFonts flipped the e-commerce switch and began selling the Bitstream library on March 20, 2000 through the website. Now, after over thirteen years, we are proud to offer 110,000 fonts from more than 1200 foundries.

John Collins, Vice President, MyFonts (Boston)

John Collins has worked at Bitstream since 1986; he developed numerous type composition and font rendering systems. Today he devotes his time to MyFonts. If you buy or sell your fonts through MyFonts, you have probably had some interaction with him.

Kevin Woodward, Web Product Manager (Boston)

Kevin Woodward is the creator of WhatTheFont. He developed the font-identification algorithm as part of his degree at the University of Birmingham in England. He also wrote MyFonts’ custom font-rendering software, which is based on Bitstream’s Font Fusion and Panorama technologies. Kevin has worked at MyFonts continuously since his graduation in 1999.

Chris Dargue, Customer Support (Boston)

Chris Dargue has provided manufacturing, fulfillment, and customer support for Bitstream since 1991. Starting in 2005, he transitioned to the MyFonts Help Desk, making even irate customers happy with his easygoing manner and lightning-fast responses.

Joe Vieira, Developer (Boston)

Joe Vieira joined MyFonts in 2010 as our first new developer in many years, helping us implement new features and maintain the code that runs the site. He graduated in 2004 with a B.S in Biology of all things, from Clark University. In Joe's previous life he was a UNIX systems administrator, building, maintaining and designing core internet infrastructure for his alma mater.

Sara Sobkowiak, Foundry Support (Boston)

Sara Sobkowiak started working with MyFonts in the summer of 2010. She works with John to keep all the foundries happy and coming back with more amazing fonts! She keeps close watch over the copy that goes with each font, making sure everything on the site is well written and grammar-corrected. Sara comes from a varied background of web design, project management and technical education. Sara holds a certificate in Graphics, Web Design and Pre-press from Clark University.

Daniela Betancourt, Customer Support (Boston)

Daniela Betancourt is the newest member of the MyFonts team. She graduated in 2010 from Boston University with a degree in Mathematics. Before coming to MyFonts, she worked at the Apple Store, offering shoppers a fantastic experience while answering many questions. Daniela works alongside with Chris, making sure MyFonts customers get all the support they need.

Laurence Penney, Typographic Consultant (Bristol, UK)

Laurence Penney, an independent expert on the TrueType format, was part of the initial MyFonts team in 1999, designing the core structure of the extensive database of font-related information that drives MyFonts. He also wrote the quarterly In Your Face newsletter until it was taken over by Joshua Lurie-Terrell in 2007. These days, Laurence represents MyFonts at conferences and as a liaison with foundries; and he still enjoys fiddling with the technical innards of font files.

Adam Twardoch, OpenType & International Specialist (Berlin)

Adam Twardoch specializes in the technical details of the OpenType format, Unicode support, and international typography in general. He has worked with MyFonts part-time since 2000, designing tools to help sort out the complicated issues involved in multi-lingual typography and advanced OpenType features. Adam’s day job is Product and Marketing Manager at FontLab Ltd.

Jan Middendorp, Newsletter Editor (Berlin)

Jan Middendorp is a Dutch designer and design writer working in Berlin. He has written and edited several books on graphic design and typography, including Dutch type (2004) and our very own Creative Characters book, and has worked as a consultant to the new Graphic Design Museum in the Netherlands. Jan has conducted and edited the interviews for our wildly popular Creative Characters newsletter since its inception in 2007, and is a contributor to other MyFonts publications, including the Rising Stars newsletter and the blog.

Joshua Lurie-Terrell, Blogger (Sacramento)

Joshua Lurie-Terrell is a graphic designer for the California State Legislature in Sacramento. But he is better known in the type world as co-editor (with Stephen Coles) of the online type journal Typographica. Joshua took over the quarterly In Your Face newsletter in 2007, and now writes regularly for the MyFonts Blog and Facebook page.

Anthony Noel (Berlin)

Anthony Noel is a Berlin based freelance graphic designer, writer, and occasional photographer. He learned his profession on the job in a design firm he started in 2001 with colleagues from the University of Derby, UK, where he studied photography. Aside from his layout work on the Creative Characters book and samples for MyFonts newsletters, Anthony has had a small number of articles published with London's Grafik Magazine.

Charles Ying, President and CEO (deceased)

MyFonts is the brainchild of Charles Ying who was President and CEO of Bitstream from 1997 to 2003.

Chris Lewis, Webmaster 2.0 (Cambodia)

Chris Lewis worked for MyFonts in 1999-2012. Chris worked closely with Kevin to design the software and hardware that run the site. He graduated in 1999 with a B.S. in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College. He now works for Font Bureau.

Nick Sherman, Designer (Brooklyn)

Nick Sherman worked for MyFonts in 2006-2009, during which time he completely redesigned the MyFonts identity. He now works for Font Bureau.

Rob Goodwin, Developer (British Columbia)

Rob Goodwin was the main programmer for Fusion Media Group when they designed the original MyFonts web site in 1999. After MyFonts went live and began selling fonts, Rob joined MyFonts full time as a developer for several years. Rob is now an independent contractor.




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