Strak Font


About This Font Family

Strak is a font that was born out of admiration for the work of E. Vermeulen, a Belgian artist known for his tight, precise line and an unseen masterpiece that is spread around the world. He has published and exhibited his work in London, Liverpool, Angoulême, New York, Geneva, Amsterdam, Lyon and Turku (in Finland) and he even signed for the New York Times. Based on a few characters, a complete font was composed by Kustomtype. After a few sketches, Strak came to life. The name Strak, in this case, refers to the slender, beautiful woman with the correct waistlines and proportions. The font is designed this way; it is completely hand-drawn, digitized and can be used in all modern and graphic media. Strak is available in 8 different styles, has class and will make many people's mouth water when they see it on your designs. Do you want quality and style? Then Strak is the font-perfect solution!

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