Fonts in use

Fonts in use is a cool archive of typography in graphic design, indexed by my heroes, book cover design, font travel, typography posters, fonts in bandmerch,...
My inspiration gallery of typography and cool graphic designers, take a peek into the world of Kustomtype!

Kustomtype :: Happy Family

Lot 33 Helene Smit

From Cape Town To Belgium

Motor Dolls :: Book Cover

700 jaar Gentse vitrines

Dubbe Rock & Roll

Kustomtype :: Fonts in Use

Brussels :: Window Lettering

Plantin Museum Antwerp

50 Years :: De Zwarte Panter

Roberlan :: Kustomtype Fonts

Girlies :: Unwanted Tattoo

Design Merch :: Deafcon

Johnny Bekaert

Sam Dams

Ger Peters

JesseR aka JesseRobot

Matto Le D.

Wytse Sterk

Ever Meulen

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