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Font Licensing Doesn’t Have To Suck

Fontspring is a unique font license distributor. Our goal is to make buying fonts easy. Font licensing can be so complex that licensors can't just focus on design, they have to navigate cumbersome EULAs and nuanced embedding permissions. This is not the case at Fontspring. Fonts licensed from Fontspring are yours to use on as many projects as you like. No annual fee. Fontspring is taking the guesswork out of font licenses and making ethical font usage achievable by everyone. We're partnered with many of your favorite font foundries including Exljbris, Mark Simonson Studio, Canada Type, Shinntype and more.

Why Your Life is Better with Fontspring? 

We make sense.

All of the fonts on our website have very similar licenses. ALL of our licenses are commercial, and NONE of our licenses are sold by subscription. When you shop at Fontspring, you know what you are going to get. Buy it and use it... it’s that simple.

We care.

Whether it be finding the perfect font or getting a particular web font optimized, we are only an email away. If you ever need us, you’ll be amazed at the service you receive from us... not because we have to, or want you to tweet about us (although that is always nice), but because we care about you.

Who’s Running this Circus?

Ethan Dunham

Ethan is a leading authority in helping web developers utilize @font-face in their sites. While a prolific font designer for many years, he is best known for the wildly popular with it’s Font-Face Generator and for developing the @font-face syntax that is widely used today. Ethan’s tools and offerings have been instrumental in bringing @font-face to widespread use by making @font-face affordable, reliable for end users and achievable for type-designers. Because of this, his work has been nominated by .net Magazine for a Web App of the Year award.

Dan Leach

Dan is our customer support guru and Foundry relations manager. Dan and his wife Cristina have been married for 12 years and they have two daughters. Their oldest, Danielle, is 6 yrs. old and Stephanie is 3. Besides answering emails about fonts, Dan has many interests including web-development, cars, NASCAR, his 82 CB650 nighthawk motorcycle, music, playing acoustic guitar and singing. Dan is passionate about people. You will often find him planning some community event or volunteering with his church, his daughter’s school or places like Habitat for Humanity and the local homeless shelter.

John Giardiniere

John is the marketing, mail and miscellaneous guy at Fontspring. A recent graduate of James Madison University, he still wakes up some days expecting to run off to class, and instead needs to remind himself he actually has work today. When he’s not working with fonts, you can find him playing music on guitar or his new love, drums. Unlike many people who sit in front of a computer all day, he is quite happy coming home and spend even more time in front of a computer, saving the world from the next big menace or recording new music to share with friends.

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