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HypeForType was founded by designer and art director, Alex Haigh. It’s a long-term labour of love, amongst many things, but it’s also the embodiment of the ideal that you should do what you love, trust your instincts, and persevere. Fuelled by a long-term obsession for type, Alex’s design career accelerated rapidly, from his first Junior Designer role fresh out of college, to a freelance Senior Designer position at the universally admired agency AKQA, all within the space of two years. Exposure to the most talented people in their fields at AKQA is where the roots of HypeForType formed for Alex, working late until the early hours of the morning on a “typographic side project” would eventually form what is now known today as HypeForType. Alex's relentless work ethic was to be admired, but the risks associated with this type of one-man venture were great:

 ‘What started as a personal experiment with type, quickly developed into an online font website. I almost went bust building my first site because I had completely underestimated how complex it was. Luckily, in the first two years of HypeForType I learned an incredible amount that ultimately helped me to constantly refine and improve the website for our customers.’ 

The site went from strength to strength and became Alex’s key focus, and it paid off. The new HypeForType site can clearly compete with the very best font shops online, but what separates HypeForType from other font shops?

‘It’s down to the fact that it’s by a designer, for designers. I put emphasis not only on the type itself, but on the design and visual aspect. After all as we are visual people, and we desire visual things.’ 

A passion for typography is clear when browsing HypeForType, and through attention to detail for every single typeface all of the hard work shows. We asked Alex about his endearing (if not slightly masochistic) mantra...

‘The greatest pleasure in life is doing what they said you couldn't. Work like an idiot until you're happy.’

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