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Monotype has been a global leader in typeface design for more than 125 years. Our history spans every major era of type. With more than 16,000 typefaces and growing, the company’s extensive libraries and ecommerce sites are home to many of the most admired and widely used typefaces in world – as well as the next generation of type designs, in both Latin and non-Latin languages. Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (TYPE) trades on the NASDAQ exchange.


At Monotype Imaging, we combine technology with design to help the world communicate. We’re constantly inspired by how customers use our solutions to accomplish their goals. This motivation allows us to run our company in a way that nurtures strong customer relationships. We believe we’re able to serve customers best through our core business groups:


Creative Professional

OEM business group

We bring text imaging and graphical user interface solutions to consumer electronics devices such as laser printers, copiers, mobile phones, digital televisions, set-top boxes, navigation devices, digital cameras, e-book readers and consumer appliances. We also offer font solutions to independent software vendors who develop applications and operating systems. In the laser printer market, we’ve worked with industry leaders for more than 18 years to provide critical technology components embedded in printing standards. Our solutions meet OEM font requirements, from conforming to the type specifications of HP and Adobe to rendering clear, legible text on control panel displays.

Many printers today employ our patented UFST® (Universal Font Scaling Technology) and MicroType® compression technologies. Our solutions also help OEMs save development costs through the integration of our printer drivers and the use of our ColorSet™ imaging tools for embedding patented, high-quality color capabilities in printers.

Across the globe, consumer electronics devices such as mobile handsets, set-top boxes and e-book readers employ Monotype Imaging’s iType® font engine. Our iType Connects™ plug-in simplifies implementation within a variety of popular development environments. iType also integrates our Edge™ Technology for displaying East Asian text with typographic style within a small memory footprint. Additionally, many devices use Monotype Imaging’s WorldType® Layout Engine, which enables the on-screen composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text.

A wide range of font solutions are available and may be customized. We offer selections from small-in-size multilingual fonts engineered for high-quality display to fonts that meet government or industry requirements, such as our closed caption font set. We stand alone with innovations such as our FlipFont™ solution, which enables consumers of select handsets to enhance their mobile experience with fonts.

Advanced text capabilities from Monotype Imaging are also available in tools for creating graphical user interfaces. Our SpectraWorks™ GUI development suite allows OEMs to develop highly engaging GUIs quickly and inexpensively for a wide range of devices.

All Monotype Imaging solutions are backed by a dedicated team of experts. Our engineering and customer support teams work closely with customers to help them meet unique requirements.

Creative Professional business group

Our Creative Professional team licenses fonts and provides font management services and software for the world’s creative professional market, which covers areas such as graphic design, Web design, content creation, printing, publishing, sign making and brand identity.

Downloadable fonts are licensed through our and FontExplorer® X stores. Typefaces are sourced from many of the world’s top designers and typeface foundries. Customers may also license thousands of fonts for use on the Web, including some of the world’s most in-demand designs which are available exclusively from us. Our Web offering includes support for more than 40 languages and uses patent-pending technology to speed the delivery of languages that contain large character sets, such as Chinese and Japanese.

We also work with branding agencies and corporations to develop custom fonts for building unique brand identities. In addition, companies also work with us to manage enterprise-wide font licenses through our Fontwise® and

FontExplorer X font management solutions.

Our commitment

Just as we continuously enhance products and offer new solutions, we are committed to constantly evolving our company to serve and support our customers in the best way possible. As their requirements change, we’re with them at every step.

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