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From Cape Town to Kustomtype

Unbelievable but true… From Cape Town to Kustomtype Studio… and back!

It’s an incredible story… At work met Pascal Lon!

I lived in the Republic of South Africa and own a trademark, for which I designed the logo and I decided to convert it into a computer font, but I did not know how to accomplish that. I took a long time just to research how to do it, and I found on the Internet some of the most popular software to convert logos into fonts. I converted my logo but the lines were not correct and the font did not look very good. I realized that I needed help from a professional. I naturally started looking for someone in South Africa to help me convert my trademark logo into a computer font and made several ads, but I could not really find anybody confident enough to do it. So I decided to do a search out of South Africa on the Internet for a professional or logo design company, that would be able to convert my trademark logo into a computer usable font. That’s when I came across and decided to give them a phone call from South Africa.

Coert’s wife answered, and I informed her that I was calling from South Africa and wanted to speak to someone who can answer my question about my logo and give me a quote. Communication wasn’t easy but she indicated that her husband was not available at that moment to answer my question and politely asked me if I could call back later. The same day which was on 23 September 2016, I just decided to just send an e-mail to Kustomtype and wrote this: « I came across your site via Internet search. I just wanted to confirm if you turn designs into a computer usable font? I have a 3 letters design that I want to turn into a font for computers. I managed to do a font, but the lines are not straight and curves not so good: I need a professional. I’m contacting you from South Africa; but I will be in Belgium next week for 4 days. Regards, Pascal». So Coert’s wife later informed him that they had a strange phone call from South Africa from someone who wanted to do a font, and they thought it was maybe a joke; but they also read my e-mail and the next day, on 24 September, Coert who speaks mostly Dutch tried to respond to my e-mail in English and wrote: « Hi Pascal, for me that’s no problem, I will do this for you. Can you send me an example for the text? Or can you bring it to me? How do we meet each other? I live in West Flanders near Kortijk city, Otegem is were I live. I can pick you up at the station or something? What days are you in Belgium next week? Then we can make a deal. Best, Coert.».

Pascal about his flight & meet to Kustomtype

I was so excited that he was so sure that he could do the job and I e-mailed him the picture of my trademark logo to start working on it; then the following week I was on my trip to Belgium for the first time to try meet Coert. [ I believe Coert could have done the job at distance, but my trademark logo is very important to me that travelling all the way to meet him to convert it into a font became the primary purpose of my trip to Belgium and I was so excited: I wanted to be there in person so that it was done exactly the way I want and get suggestions].

At arrival in Belgium, I was staying in Mons, and had to take the train to go look for his address in Otegem the next day. Coert gave me directions and then waited for me at train station nearby to make it easier for me; he was so courteous and kind, happy that I came all the way from South Africa to ask for his help, and he drove me to his studio at his house where a moment later I also met his lovely wife. They realized that it was true and happening: my phone and e-mail call from another continent far away were not a joke; I was finally in their house in person!

Needless to say that Coert did the job professionally: he listened to me, asked questions and made suggestions. We were done in less than an hour and I tested my font on one of his computers. My font looked great and all lines and curves were perfect, it was working well and Coert did a lot more than I expected, made different options for my font: it was pure professional work beyond my expectations.

The font made by Coert at Kustomtype are the ones that use for my trademark logo today. Wonderful job Coert: it was a very good collaboration and we took some memorable photos! My mission to Belgium was accomplished and the trip all the way from Africa was really worth it, all thanks to Coert and Kustomtype: I returned to South Africa a very happy customer in September 2016. It confirmed that « to get the best, work with the best in the industry», no matter what it costs you or where you need to go!

Pascal L.

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