Motor Dolls

Book & Merch Lettering by Kustomtype

Welcome to the world of the MOTOR DOLLS!

And a shadowy man in gray with nefarious plans . . .
An encounter with a stranger on the day of her grandmother’s death steers Jeda into a life of danger as she chases one bizarre challenge after another—like jumping off a pier with a handmade kite strapped to her back, or zapping herself silly with a stun-gun. But when the game escalates from a thrilling adventure to something darker, Jeda begins to question the reason for it all. Is she simply nuts? Or is someone really trying to drive her to her death?
In her quest to find answers, she enlists the help of fellow hot rod girl Benny to chronicle the madness on film, and together, they race to uncover the truth behind Jeda’s odd life and the mystery behind the elusive man in gray.

“The Motor Dolls plot is a high-velocity whodunit, guaranteed to get you arrested for speed reading. This is the very definition of a page turner, as it has pages that turn and everything. A must read for aspiring escape artists!” – SCOTTY GOSSON, Author of Rat Rods, America’s Favorite Station Wagons, and Wildest Show Rods

Lori Bentley Law:

That’s me, Lori Bentley Law, with my baby Bondorella—a fabulous ’48 Ford truck and a character in the novel. My passions?
Vintage cars. Motorcycles. Photography. And great stories. In my daily life, I’m an award-winning television news photojournalist for NBC in Los Angeles, a job that has taken me around the globe and given me a front-row seat to some of the most amazing and tragic events happening in our world today.

Outside of news, I had the pleasure of working as principal photographer on several episodes of the half hour weekly show, Travel Cafe, shooting in Fiji, Hong Kong, and Kauai, to name a few. I also completed a documentary on nationally renowned artist, Milford Zornes—one of the coolest human beings I’ve ever met. Man! I want to be like him when I’m 90.

MOTOR DOLLS is my first published novel, but others will be published soon. I live in Southern California with my best feller, a whole bunch of misfit motorcycles, and of course, my ’48 Ford truck, Bondorella. I blog on all things motor-related at Bondorella.


Sometimes the universe brings people together in interesting ways. A few years ago, after buying the Motor Palace in Winslow, we were having dinner at the Turquoise Room (also in Winslow) and we struck up a conversation with our waiter, who told us about his friend Miss Tayva and her Triumph project. Somehow, the topic came around to art. I’d been toying with the idea of publishing the book and liked the notion of having a genuine Motor Doll do the cover. Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are. I couldn’t be happier with the result. So really . . . it’s all thanks to the Motor Palace for bringing us together.

THE FONT DESIGNER: Coert De Decker – Kustomtype

The internet is an interesting thing. Who would have guessed I would end up using a font guy from Belgium?! I’d been searching high and low for the right font to pair with Miss Tayva’s fabulous art, and finally ran across KTF-Roadstar. It was PERFECT. Rather than just buying the rights and using the font, I decided to contact the designer and show him the project, and boy am I glad I did! He’s a terrific guy with fantastic, vintage-inspired fonts! His website is in progress, but be sure to check in with him if you need a great font for your next project: Fonts by Kustomtype

Motor Dolls website

Font in use is Roadstar

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