Matto Le D.

My inspirations, my heroes of the past 20 years.

I graduated as an animation filmer at KASK Ghent in 1994.

The ‘Atomic Style’ and the 1958 Brussels World Fair, commercials from the UPA-studios, Tiki/Beatnik culture and Jaques Tati movies enflamed my interest in 50’ and 60’s design and graphics.

I worked as an illustrator for De Standaard, Humo, Mao Magazine, the Pink Flamingo’s Bar Ghent (R.I.P.), Hipsville Festival UK, and designed posters and record covers for bands such as Fifty Foot Combo, Sir bald Diddley and The Madd.

I started painting in 1996 and had several exhibitions in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the US.

I also play the organ in The Error Team and the Demented Scumcats, and teach Illustration/Storyboard design at Luca School Of Arts Ghent.

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