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My love for wooden letters and fonts

In the early beginning of the 19th century, there were different breakthroughs in the printing technology which transformed printing forms of handwritten script styles to industrial, hard letter blocks. 

For over a century, designers and printers created magnificent letters for mass consumption. They offered a wide variety of gothic, antique and plate fonds which were uses to create outstanding and beautifully crafted advertisements, announcements, posters and many more. The reason they created wooden letters was because they were the most legible. In addition to that, wood was a material that was easier to obtain at that time. 

If we are talking about the 1920’s, the production of wooden letters began to decline due to faster offset printing technology. But the wooden letters and their digital versions are now more desired than ever and will remain so in the ongoing future. Wooden letters fit almost with everything and lift your creations to a higher level. You cannot think of a space where these letters would not fit in.

The Wood Type and Letterpress revival 

Modern art of printing has combined newer technology with the all known centuries-old letterpress art of printing. It is known that many printing offices still use the original wooden and metal typefaces that they would use back in the day. A very sustainable option. However, the use of photopolymer printing plates provides that coveted deep tactile impression without ruining the printing plates. If these plates eventually wear out, they can be easily replaced. With this new plate technology the graphic designers gain the freedom to design their heart’s desired content (yay!) without being limited by trays of letters or without delays in production due to the tedious task of assembling a page of letters. 

Letterpress is commonly used by impressive printed materials for such as wedding invitations, (special) announcements, business cards, promotional items, table coasters, menu’s, stationary and so on. You name it and it can be created. With this technology we are able to achieve an outstanding and luxurious texture and quality, that cannot be achieved with these modern printing technologies – and so, it lives on. Even more popular than ever. 

To digitalize these wooden letters into an online usable font – the ‘why’ explained

Printing with wooden letters is reserved for people who can still cope with these old printing presses or for those who print for themselves as a hobby and want to experience the real deal. Mind you that this form of artisanal printing is very expensive. Because of that reason I wanted to find a way to make it more accessible for any of those who are interested in this art of printing. I formed my love for these wooden letters by studying them, collecting them and I began to digitalize the most beautifully crafted ones – so anyone who is interested in using them for their graphic designs can do so. In that way these wooden letters can be used as an exquisite and unique digital font for everybody. I make sure to always have them available and can make you a very affordable offer. With that, I can almost guarantee you that these wooden fonts will add that extra spark to your work and maybe even more than that what is desired.

To summarize it all, I created these wooden fonts for it to be an outstanding chance for those who love to use these beautiful fonts, but also for graphic designers who use unique looking fonts to create their heart’s desired creations with a special feel and look, just like back in the old days. What are you waiting for? 

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