Roland Huse

Roland Hüse is a freelance letter designer based in Hungary. He had a passion from the beginning and a small graphic design background. He took specialized art classes in high school where his favorite subject was “Lettering and Composition.” He is mostly self-taught through online and in person workshops. He created his first typeface based on his own handwriting. Later he experimented and practiced with different calligraphic techniques, which is still his favorite style in typefaces.

His current work includes letter translations, comic book localization and adding some foreign scripts to existing fonts, as well as his own work (including Hungarian Rovás which is his recent subject he is researching).
He decided to collaborate with Kustomtype as part of a long-term project because their style fits well together and they can create a nice collection and library of fonts. He is also adding some language extensions and will do some collaborative work in the near future.

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