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Roadbrush Font

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Roadbrush Font

Unleash Nostalgic Magic with Roadbrush Font:
A Retro Masterpiece Revived for Modern Design!

Step into a world of mid-20th-century charm and timeless elegance with Roadbrush Font, a typographic gem inspired by the hand lettering of the legendary Albert Eckhardt, Jr. Found within the pages of a forgotten sign painting book from the 1950s, this font captures the essence of a bygone era and breathes new life into the art of brush-style scripts.

Roadbrush Font is the result of meticulous redesign and complete remastering, ensuring every stroke and curve reflects the original beauty and spirit of Albert Eckhardt, Jr.’s craftsmanship. This font encapsulates the essence of retro design, perfect for logotypes, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage, and any creative project that craves a nostalgic and vintage touch.

Immerse yourself in the power of Roadbrush Font as it effortlessly channels the mid-century aesthetic that continues to captivate hearts and minds. Its brush-style script evokes a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship, infusing your designs with a soulful appeal that stands out from the crowd. Each character, meticulously crafted, pays homage to the golden age of lettering, transporting your audience to a world filled with timeless beauty.

With four distinct styles to choose from, Roadbrush Font empowers you to explore a myriad of creative possibilities. Whether you seek a bold and daring look or a more refined and elegant touch, this font has you covered. Each style showcases a comprehensive set of upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals, mathematical operators, and accented characters, ensuring your designs are as versatile as they are enchanting.

Designed by the talented Coert De Decker in 2012 and published by the renowned Kustomtype Foundry, Roadbrush Font represents a seamless blend of past and present. Its fusion of vintage aesthetics with modern design sensibilities makes it a true standout in the typographic landscape. Crafted with precision and passion, this font is a testament to the commitment of both designer and foundry to deliver excellence.

Roadbrush Font is more than just a typographic tool—it’s an invitation to embark on a creative journey that transcends time and captures the imagination. Its compatibility with various design software ensures a smooth and effortless experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most: bringing your vision to life.

Don’t settle for ordinary typography when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your designs, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impact with Roadbrush Font—the epitome of retro authenticity and timeless elegance. Revive the spirit of the mid-20th century and let your creativity flourish in a world that still cherishes the art of handcrafted lettering.

Indulge in the magic of Roadbrush Font today. Embrace the nostalgic allure, unleash your creativity, and create designs that transport your audience to a world of vintage wonder. It’s time to make your mark with a font that celebrates the past while shining brightly in the present.

Designers: Coert De Decker
Publisher: Kustomtype
Foundry: Kustomtype
Design Owner: Kustomtype
Glyphs: 220
Languagesupport: Multilingual


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