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Interconnected font by Roland Huse

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Interconnected Font

Interconnected font is a handwriting blockletter font inspired by and based on the handwriting of Dianna Woodward. Author and editor of the Interconnected Podcast.

I wanted to create a versatile, handwritten block letter typeface that is based on real handwriting and it has a personality and closest to the original version. I created three weights and made sure all the curves and edges are smooth and clean. The stroke width is designed to be uneven, especially in the regular (original) version to give it a real pen pressure look and feel, while these letters were formed naturally as being written. It contains at least one stylistic alternate for all the lowercase and uppercase letters, some lowercase has 3 and ligatures for fi, te, th, standard ligatures tt, jj, for a more organic look and flow. For the best result, make sure you have enabled the “discretional ligatures” and “contextual alternates” open type features, so it will switch between the stylistic sets as you type. In some cases you can also replace these manually for the best result. There are basic math symbols, arrows, currency, punctuation, and accents for Western and Eastern European languages 675 glyphs in total.

This font family is great for just one word like a logotype or headlines, but also suitable for larger texts that requires typographic hierarchy. I can see this on

Menus for coffee shops, brochures at the waiting room of a children’s hospital, flyers, magazines,
movie credits and ebooks or websites.
I hope you will like and enjoy using this font – Happy creating and good luck with your work!

Designer: Roland Hüse
Publisher: Kustomtype
Foundry: Roland Hüse Design
Glyphs: 675
Languagesupport: +400

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