Are you looking for incredible pieces of hand painted letter art in print? Do not look any further. We offer these high quality prints on durable art paper of 250 grams. To achieve this quality we only use print carriers that meet the highest standards of quality and resolution, which are also acid free and very sustainable. You will not be able to find these hand painted prints somewhere else in this condition.

The reason we use this kind of paper is because it gives a beautiful print and the colors are outstanding. Therefore the art retains its value. The paper will not warp or curl and does not need to be glued into a frame. Nevertheless it is sturdy and beautiful in texture and color. We offer 25 different printing plates to fulfill all your wishes.

Nicolas Glaise was a French painter from Paris, who published painted alphabets and compiled them into his portfolio ‘Letter Models’. The very rare documents concerning typography, decorative painting and mastering the letter craft were created in 1887. All of the letter plates were hand painted. I myself was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these remaining folders that were complete and in a very reasonable condition. To safeguard these pieces of art, I have had all the plates photographed in a specialized photo studio and retouched the images where necessary. For those who want to bring a real masterpiece into their home, definitely do not hesitate.

Transport and delivery costs are included in the price. The frame and passe-partout are not included.

Vintage Lettering Lithograph Plate 12

$ 79.00