Sam Dams

My inspirations, my heroes of the past 20 years.

Sam Dams

Sam Dams :: Kustom Graphic Design

Born in 1969 in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Went to art school at a very young age and got my degree as master in graphic arts and advertising at Sint Lukas Brussels.
Immediately after school I worked as an art- and creative director in advertising agencies making campaigns (print, TV commercials, web etc) for major brands.
I’ve been passionate about everything vintage and got a very big interest in vintage graphic design since the early 80’s. 
Next to my advertising work I started to make vintage / retro inspired rockposters,  flyers and graphics in the early 90’s and never stopped since.
In the year 2000 I started freelancing and opened my own studio called Kustom Graphic Design. I’m specialized in graphic design, art direction and illustration
for the corporate,  fashion and Rock’n’Roll industry.


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