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The Mars Model – Primal Urge (Vinyl)

Primal Urge – New Album Out Now!

Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype

Bands who do their own thing, their own way and cherish their identity, makes them one of a kind. The Mars Model is such a band. They don’t care what happens around them musically, but make songs their way and finish them according to their own feelings and ideas. You can describe their style as dark/new wave. After their EP “Francobelga”, they delivered “Primal Urge”. A disc with six songs. It kicks off with a cutting sync after which a dark guitar riff resounds and is supported by a pounding drum. “Baby Paria is cold, so cold”. Dancing time is on when “Ultramega” hits the speakers. Standing still on this song is impossible. This catchy chorus gets you off your feet anytime. “Man of the Year” is a slower song, but not less catchy. The beautiful deep voice of singer Hans Verbeke adds a special touch to the song and the tight drumming, perfomerd by Tim Jult, works uplifting. The guitar riff of “Showdown” is pure rock. A straightforward song. The bass work of Fred Dufourmont propels the song upward during the chorus. “Atrocity” is a song full of rumbling drums and powerful harmony. The menacing synths of Olivier Moulin come into their own. The typical guitar sounds of Dominiek De Candt make their mark on the closing track “F.D.M”: “Yes Sir, Yes Sir, I’m gonna be a Fascist Destroyer Machine”.

The Mars Model delivered a strong product, and I’m not only talking about their songs. The recordings are outstanding and the ratio among the instruments is top notch. The synth’s of Olivier make for a full sound and the Dufourmont/Jult rhythm delivers the song on a golden platter when it is played live. It’s always a party when they are playing on stage.
Trust me, … after numerous shows, I know

The Mars Model – The performance of a lifetime

Cd & Lp Release @ The Finish, Zwevegem Belgium 12.11.2022

New wave music and its variants are on the rise. Just think of the W-Festival Waregem/Oostende and the Belgian revelation Whispering Sons. But let’s not forget to add The Mars Model to that list. This band has a lot of experience in its ranks. Just like vocalist Hans Verbeke and guitarist Dominique Decandt. These two are no strangers in the rock’n’roll-punk-hardcore scene. Think of LIAR, Marky Ramone & The Speedkings but also Dee Jaywalker… don’t forget to mention the man you’d rather not have dusting off your porcelain cabinet: drummer Tim Jult (The Kids).

These guys, assisted by a top bassist and keyboard player without the bells and whistles, rocked Zwevegem to its foundations. A dark sound with a guitar nicely wrapped in a flanger effect with reverb, backed by a wall of tight rhythm by bass and drums. The synths pack the whole thing into a bite-sized chunk of dark wave. In short, a playground for front man Hans who had the complete audience eating out of his hand. His ‘black’ voice fits perfectly into the typical sound of The Mars Model. I would like you to enjoy their new album “Primal Urge” with the following songs on it: ‘Baby Paria’, ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Showdown’, ‘Atrocity Galore’, ‘F.D.M’ and ‘Ultra Mega’.

Go out with a banger: a powerful version of Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of the Americans”. The audience responded elatedly to these strong songs. Front man Hans was carried above the heads of the audience. Where they trying to show him the bar? Not really, because he was immediately sent back to where this man is supposed to be: the stage. Ambiance! The fully loaded hall “The Finish” experienced one crazy night. A strong performance by a band who we will undoubtedly hear and see more often.

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