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The Mars Model

EP Franco Belga

Album Concept, Artwork, and Lettering By Kustomtype


The Mars Model was founded at the beginning of 2019 by some individuals who have a musical past in a variety of styles—for instance, singer Hans Verbeke, who we already know from his work in the Belgian/West-Flemish hardcore scene with his band Liar. But don’t expect hardcore, metal, speed, or grind-core on this release. Because here, this five-member band is showing off darker-tinted riffs, refined electronics and keys, fairly aggressive drumming, and a no-nonsense message. From Gothic-Rock to Post-Punk. Curious? Well, take my advice: listen and be surprised, cherish the impressions, and let them sink in. Nothing more, nothing less . . .

This is their first EP, FrancoBelga, which contains four tracks. What lies hidden in these songs? Sturdy guitars, vocals interspersed with some more desperate cries from deep down. The songs are firm with a greasy edge. Wild and restless, swirling in contemporary society, where we are connected more than ever, and yet more isolated than ever. Lashing out wildly, from despair to hope, from unrest and fear to depression. The extremes are clearly audible and the balance seems lost. Four solid rocking songs, with dominating guitars, but without being too overwhelming and pruning. Like a firm fist punch in the stomach. But once you beat this pain, it becomes a pleasure. A piece of self-chastisement of more than 20 minutes, disguised in four songs.

It is the business card of a new kid on the block, the Mars Model. This debut EP already announces there is much more to come! There is still more to sing about, there is still so much in our contemporary society that can be musically shocked-up, and all the emotions that come with it. I don’t doubt the Mars Model will take care of that soon. A very strong debut!

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