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Starbounder Font

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Ignite Creativity! Starbounder Font
Modern meets Urban Edge!
Perfect for posters & designs.

Introducing the Starbounder Font Family by Kustomtype, a cutting-edge stencil font that redefines cool. With both regular and oblique versions, this font family offers the perfect blend of style and versatility. Starbounder boasts an impressive set of upper and lower cases, providing you with endless possibilities to make your designs stand out.

Are you tired of hunting for the perfect font that complements your edgy posters, captivating advertising, and eye-catching artwork? Look no further! Starbounder’s decorative stencil and graffiti style injects an urban flair into your projects, making your text pop like never before.

Designed by the visionary Coert De Decker, this font family is meticulously coordinated into letterforms, metrics, and weights, ensuring seamless integration for all your creative ventures. Coert’s dedication to craftsmanship shines through in every curve and stroke of Starbounder, elevating your design game to new heights.

But that’s not all! Kustomtype, an independent type foundry based in Belgium, has revolutionized the world of typography since its inception in 2011. With 80 unique font families, each custom-made, Kustomtype is your gateway to originality.

Coert’s passion for letters started at a young age when he created his own fonts while drawing posters for parties and performances. His expertise was further honed at the prestigious Plantin Institute of Typography in Antwerp, learning from the best in the field.

Choosing the right typeface is an art, and Starbounder does more than just look good – it evokes emotions. With every curve, this font family sparks a connection and resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression on your readers.

Join the ranks of celebrated designers who have embraced Starbounder’s urban charm. Whether it’s logotypes, packaging, T-shirts, or signage, this font family delivers a modern feel with an unmistakable edge.

Fuel your creativity with Starbounder and get ready to leave a trail of awe-inspired admirers in your wake. Unleash your design potential and stand out from the crowd.

Discover the magic of Kustomtype at Your custom-made fonts await you. Embrace the extraordinary today!

The Starbounder Font

Starbounder is a unique and beautiful font because of its sophisticated spray look, your work will instantly look fantastic and cool in these fun graffiti letters.
Since Street Art always has something dreamy, your contemporary graphic designs will get the appropriate look and feel with Starbounder lettering.
Starbounder is a popular font for logos of music groups, records, magazines, books and movie titles.

Starbounder Font is a cool stencil and spray font family of 4 weights, all with a regular & italic version.
The fonts are available in regular, wide, small, and extended versions.
Starbounder contains all upper and lower cases.

Don’t think twice, you are only 2 clicks away to create a unique graphic design with Starbounder!

Why still looking for cool and decorative army, stencil and graffiti fonts for your posters, advertising, text, design, artwork, headtext, editoral design, magazines, etc.?

Designer: Coert De Decker
Publisher: Kustomtype
Foundry: Kustomtype
Glyphs: 292
Languagesupport: Multilingual


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